what it means to engineer happiness:

our product

Pie is Joy. It is Bliss. It is what is eaten when families and friends gather. When it is made, it is made by hands with love for people to enjoy and savor. Where there is happiness, very often we find pie. At Pie Lab, we strive to create a superior product, using the right techniques, striving for perfection. We test, engineer and perfect recipes until we are satisfied. Our ingredients are fresh and when possible, as local as we can get. Our crust is made from scratch, using Grandma Dora’s recipe, never from a mix. We embrace the beauty of imperfection, where the crust is rustic, the filling is scrumptious – both handmade. Happiness is tasting the perfect piece of pie made with love by hand.

our customers

We value customer happiness at Pie Lab, and our goal is that every customer leaves with a smile on their face. We create a clean, friendly environment in our shops and a superior product to make our customer experience beyond satisfying.

our employees

Happy customers start with happy employees. Happy employees provide superior products and customer experiences. We have happy employees at Pie Lab. We work to create a positive environment for our employees and a low turnover rate. Our Pie 101 training program teaches our employees about the making of pie and how to deliver customer service. We also offer incentives for jobs well done, regular meetings, check-ins and superior training.

our community

Pie Lab is a business that is dedicated to creating happiness in our community. We believe that everyone should take responsibility for the community that they live in, and we hope to do just that. We sponsor events, from hosting music events in the summer, participating in Covington days, sponsoring local youth sports teams and our commitment to science education.

about our founder

Susan Fergason

Susan grew up in California and developed her love of food and science through her parents, both avid food lovers. Her father was a scientist and inventor in the electronics industry, and her mother the matriarch of her home and kitchen. Her mother taught her to craft, cook and to bake pies, cakes, cookies and other pastries, but most of all to value the homemade baked from scratch quality of food produced from her kitchen. Her father taught her the value of science, observation, the appreciation of a meal prepared with love, and to most of all to always to strive for the best.She moved to Washington State and majored in Molecular Biology at the University of Puget Sound, later becoming a science teacher. She was always known as the one that tended to ‘blow things up’. After becoming a mother, she used her artistic creativity and love of science as a part-time ceramic artist and teacher, but an idea kept nagging her.What about a bakery near her hometown of Covington? There were no bakeries there, and everyone she knew seemed to be yearning for something basic and homemade.
Inspired by her mother’s pie crust recipe (she had already swept the neighborhood dessert contest two years in a row with her strawberry pie, and won second place at the Puyallup fair with her bourbon peach pie) and started on her journey to develop the idea of Pie Lab.
Simple, homemade, made from scratch pie. Because handmade, with love, always tastes the best.