Susan getting ready to make strawberry pie

In the spring, when the strawberries were ripe, the favorite of my family was none other than STRAWBERRY PIE.

This is it – perfection in a crust. It overturned the reigning champion for YEARS in the neighborhood dessert contest (and bruised some egos, me thinks) the year we moved in. It converted my ex-husband from a strawberry hater to a strawberry lover. The perfect blend of sweet, tart, and savory all in one bite. Beautiful.

My kids can kill off a whole one in a day – barely leaving a crumb for me.

It’s the pie that my mom said when I first told her I was opening a bakery “You need to put that pie on the menu.”

And so it shall be. But seasonally, of course – the key is fresh strawberries. This is an epic pie, and yes epic is a cliché term but this pie DESERVES it.

World Peace can be achieved if everyone took a bite of this pie.


where's your pie?